Research Topic

I want to find papers that investigate the molecular mechanism underlying Hebbian learning, including any involvement of hormone-like chemicals such as nerve growth factor.


Papers investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying Hebbian learning and the involvement of nerve growth factor (NGF) were found and include [1, 2, 4, 5, 8].

Several studies explicitly show the role of NGF in modulating long-term potentiation (LTP) and synaptic plasticity mechanisms directly related to Hebbian learning. For instance, Maguire et al. [1] and Conner et al. [5] demonstrate NGF's enhancement of LTP via TrkA receptor pathways, involving ERK phosphorylation and increased neurotransmitter release. Additionally, Conner et al. [2] provide evidence of NGF’s essential role in hippocampal plasticity and learning, linking it directly to Hebbian mechanisms. Other studies like Kim et al. [4] and Carmignoto et al. [8] explore NGF's LTP-inducing effects and its enhancement of excitatory synaptic transmission, which are crucial for activity-dependent synaptic strengthening in line with Hebbian principles.

To understand the relationships and patterns within the papers found, see also:
So far, I've closely analyzed 420 of the most promising papers, and I've found ~13-43 that are relevant, which is probably more than 90% of all that exist.
To get this estimate, we do a statistical analysis of the discovery process.